The university of burdwan examination results

The University of Burdwan : Examination Results 2018-2019

The University of Burdwan : Examination Results 2018-2019: Check the current result of the examination of The University of Burdwan 2018-2019.

The University of Burdwan : Examination Results 2018-2019


Background of Burdwan University:

Burdwan is an anglicized adaptation of the Sanskrit Vardhamana and the comparing Bardhaman in Bengali. The inception of this name goes back to 6th century BC and is attributed to the twenty-fourth Jain Tirthankar, or Vardhamanswami, who invested some energy in Astikagrama, as per the Jain Kalpasutra.

A second view holds the exacting importance of the name, a prosperous and developing focus, to contend that this place spoke to an outskirts province of the advancement of aryanisation through the upper Ganga valley. In any case, the Aryans neglected to continue further east. Along these lines, the name was held. Archeological confirmations propose that this area, framing a noteworthy piece of Radh Bengal, could be followed even back to 4000-2000 BC.

Burdwan’s present all encompassing perspective and modernisation owe chiefly to the Raj family. The Burdwan Raj began with Sangam Rai, a Khattri Kapur of Kotti in Lahore, who built up the Burdwan House. The year 1657 recorded this Raj first.

Among the descendents, Mahtab Chand Bahadur and later Bijoy Chand Mahtab battled their best to make this locale socially, monetarily and naturally more beneficial.

Sadhaka Kamalakanta as writer of reverential melodies and Kashiram Das as an artist and interpreter of the incomparable Mahabharata were conceivably the best results of such an undertaking.

The general public everywhere additionally kept on picking up the natural products. We find, among others, the extraordinary defiant artist Kazi Nazrul Islam and Kala-azar-popular U. N. Brahmachari as the moderately later distinguished children of this dirt. The town turned into an essential focus of North-Indian traditional music also.


Notics for out going Results

Under-Graduate Examination Result:

  1. Provisional Results of 5-Year Integrated B.A. LLB (Honours) Semester-X (Final) Examination, 2018 
  2. Provisional Results of 3-Year LLB (Honours), Semester-I Examination, 2018 
  3. Provisional Review Result of 5-Year Integrated B.A. LL.B.(Honours) Semester-III, Examination, 2017 

  1. Provisional Review Result of 5-Year Integrated B.A. LL.B (Honours) Semester-I Examination, 2017 
  2. Provisional Results of 3-Year LLB (Honours) Semester-V Examination, 2018
  3. Provisional Results of 3-Year LLB (Honours) Semester-III Examination, 2018
  4. Provisional Review Results of B.A. (Honours) in Rabindra Sangeet, Part-II Examination, 2017


The University of Burdwan : Examination Results 2018-2019


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