: Online Land Mutation Status : Khatian Information : Online Land Mutation Status : Khatian Information: Banglabhumi is an online web-based interface for land records and changes. Such data include: plot number, proprietor, property estimation, arrive territory and furthermore the present proprietor. : Online Land Mutation Status : Khatian Information

What is Banglarbhumi?

This is the online web arrive gateway propelled by the administration of West Bengal. The entry has all the data of alleviation and restoration division, land and land changes.

In the event that you need to buy arrive, the land gateway will enable you to recover essential and fundamental data you may need to know in earlier.

Such data include: plot number, proprietor, property estimation, arrive territory and furthermore the present proprietor.

Do you know the importance of the word ‘Bangla’ in Indian speech?

All things considered, individuals call a major house built on self-claimed land as ‘Bangla’. Banglarbhumi 2018 is really a site which keeps and keeps up all the land records and changes made by the Government of West Bengal.

The site likewise holds the data identified with the Rehabilitation and Refugee Relief bureau of the Government of West Bengal.

Banglarbhumi 2019 web arrive records encourage a general purchaser or a business person who means to set up ventures to know the correct framework accessible on the proposed locales.

Before one purchases any land, it’s essential to check for the land subtleties, for example, in whose name, or the present proprietor of the property, since now this procedure has been made simpler to get to on the web.

We can get to the data about wherever with the assistance of a guide moreover.

Aside from simply getting the data about the land, the site is additionally useful to give the accompanying administrations:

1. Registration of Deed

2. Apply online for the Mutation Application Process.

3. Apply online for getting the affirmed duplicate of the data about the plot.

4. Apply online for getting the Record of Right or plot of the guide.

5. All the data about the property.

I think we are currently especially clear pretty much every one of the sorts of data and administrations given by the site.

You simply recollect a certain something, it is just a West Bengal focused site and isn’t intended to get to the land records of some other state.

The most effective method to check West Bengal Banglarbhumi Khatian No and Plot Information at 2018

The way toward checking the Know your Land Property Value utilizing Khatian No and Plot Information is exceptionally basic.

All that you are required to do is to visit your site and pursue the strategy beneath:

o Go to West Banglar Bhumi fundamental web-based interface:

o Place the cursor on Citizen Service > Know Your Property.

o Choose the District Name, Select the Block lastly pick Mouza.

o Again you can pick either Search By Khatian No or Search By Plot.

o Then Enter the Banglarbhumi Khatian Number in the clear field.

o After tap on “VIEW” catch.

o The arrive esteem and the property data will be shown.

Realize your Property Value in Banglar Bhumi Website

1. Open webpage 2019 site.

2. You will almost certainly observe a few tabs like ‘Subject Service’ ‘Administration Delivery’, ‘Online Application’ and so on., in the upper window. Go to the ‘Subject Service’ tab.

Under the tab, you will most likely observe ‘Know your property’ interface.

3. Now, you will be taken to another page. You should enter the subtleties of the area, square, and Mouza on this page. There will be a drop-down rundown with every alternative, you can pick your territory effectively from that.

In the following box, you should settle on the decision. You need to choose that whether you need to make the look for the property with the assistance of Khatian number or Plot Number. Whatever be your alternative, pick that.

4. Once you enter the subtleties and tap on the view tab, you will almost certainly observe the live information identified with the property as it exists on the present day.

The live information data contains the name of the proprietor, name of the dad/spouse, address, all out land, all out plot numbers and so forth.

Step by step instructions to check WB Banglarbhumi 2018 RS-LR Plot Information in 2019

The branch of land and the land changes, the administration of west Bengal dependably keeps up and refreshes mouza delineate every one of the subtleties and the records and reviews, This is accomplished through the directorate of the land records.

The way toward checking Banglarbhumi RS-LR plot data is basic since all that you require to do is visit the official site and pursue underneath methodology:

o On the menu bar, you will see a great deal of tabs like About us, home, DLRS, SLUB, arrive securing, acts/rules Thika tenure, subject administrations preparing, LRTT, Admin.

o Place the mouse pointer on the Citizen Service tab and you will see another sub-menu, tap on RS-LR plot data page loads. The page will show the region, mouza and the square.

o Enter your Mouza distinguishing proof, your area name and the square name.

o Select Sabek Dag->Hal Dag (LR P parcel No.) or Hal Dag-> Sabek Dag (RS Plot No) at that point you taps on submit.

o After accommodation the whole plot data will be shown.

What we get in banglarbhumi 2019 site

We have just examined the administrations and data given by the site. Give us a chance to talk about more that.

As plainly the site gives insight regarding all the Banglar Bhumi arrive properties in West Bengal. You can get the data about the land even in the littlest of the Tehsil in West Bengal. In the site, we likewise get:

Enrollment of Deed: Though all the data about the deeds enlistment process is accessible on, through the webpage you can get the e-Appointment for making the enlistment of deed.

It is extremely simple to get an arrangement for the deeds enlistment through this sire. Additionally, the procedure is exceptionally simple as well.

In any case, you can possibly get an e-Appointment just on the off chance that you make an E-installment, on the off chance that, the Stamp Duty to be paid is more than Rs.10,000/ – or the enlistment charge to be paid is equalled to or more than Rs.5,000/ – .

With the end goal of check of PAN and enlistment of property, the enrollment procedure has been coordinated with the Income impose.

Enrollment is a truly important advance to make the proprietor a legitimate holder of the property. The site causes you to make an e-Appointment for the enrollment of deed.

Transformation Application Process: Mutation is a procedure pursued to change the title of the property. At the point when the property is exchanged starting with one individual then onto the next, the title of the property is changed for the sake of the new purchaser.

So after the enrollment of the property, one needs to change the title of the property. For doing this, one needs to fill the application frame for transformation. The website applies online for Mutation Application Process to begin.

All things considered, the connection guides you to the official page of the Land and Land Reforms, and the Refugee Relief and Rehabilitation Department.

From the landing page, you will most likely get the application shape for transformation. Open the application shape and fill in all the required subtleties accurately (in the event that you don’t need your application to get rejected).

Subsequent to filling in the frame, when you submit it, you get an application number. One can utilize this application number to check the status of the application shape.

Charges Payment Method: After enlistment, you will be required to pay the expense from the online application menu. Fill in the demand type application number and submit to the installments.

In the event that the charges are paid through online mode, the change case number will be enlisted promptly.

On the off chance that you make the installments through the counter, you will be required to check your installments subsequently confirm your installments and enlist your case through application.

Plot outline Authentic Copy of ROR Request or Plot Information:

One can without much of a stretch get the ensured duplicate of the ROR, in the event that one wishes, from the

Open the site, in the Service Delivery choice under the menu, select the ROR ask. When chosen, enter every one of the subtleties to ascertain the charge.

When you pay the charge with an e-installment choice, you get the confirmed duplicate of the ROR.

So also, you can likewise get the duplicates of Khatian Number, transformation, plot data, Mauza Maps and so forth.

Data about the property: Accessing the land records on the site is exceptionally simple and free of expense. It doesn’t require any expense to enable the client to check the data about any property.

To check the data about any property in West Bengal, open the site At the landing page, you will probably observe the ‘Native Service’ choice. Select the choice and afterward select ‘Know your property’.

After you select that, the site will request that you fill in the subtleties like locale, square, mandal or town (mouza in Bengali). In the wake of filling in this data, it will request that you enter either the plot number or the Khatian number.

In the event that you have entered the right number, you will get the moment data about that plot/arrive.

Step by step instructions to Search Banglarbhumi Land Mutation Status in

Transformation implies the difference in possession. This happens when a property is sold starting with one individual then onto the next individual or its being exchanged.

At the point when the property gets transformed, it gets exchanged to the new proprietor and now bears the new names of the new enrollment. The procedure is finished by the service of land and income office.

This empowers the legislature to now charge the property assess from the new proprietor. The expense to be caused changes from various states via looking authoritatively online Banglarbhumi Land Mutation Status of land in west Bengal on the web.

The Banglarbhumi case transformation status look is finished after the basic methodology:

o Logon into the Banglarbhumi 2018 authority web-based interface at

o After going into the landing page, a sub-menu will show up of the “Subject Services” accessible.

o Click on the choice ‘Change Status’ alternative.

o Two choices will show up on the screen, and you can either pick ‘case savvy pursuit’ or ‘deed shrewd inquiry.’ Whichever alternative you need to tap on it.

o For case, savvy look, fill in the pertinent subtleties on area name, square name, and Mouza name. Enter the case number, and after that tap on the ‘submit’ alternative and all the data required will show up.

o For deed insightful hunt, enter in the deed number on the space gave, and press the submit catch. All the data required will show up on the screen, and you can spare and later print them for future reference.

Banglarbhumi 2019 is an exceptionally helpful site which is fundamentally utilized by the general population in West Bengal state.

It’s outstanding and most famous in view of its great highlights for checking and looking data about land and land changes on the web.

The innovation is all around planned and made accessible through online android application. It looks at the status of transformation cases from anyplace and whenever.

How to Check Mutation Case Status in site?

Transformation concerns for the most part with the difference in title of proprietorship at whatever point any land is sold or moved for the sake of the new proprietor.

On the off chance that someone has a transformation case running, he/she can check the status of the change case in very effectively. Here, I am talking about the procedure to do it.

1. Logon into

2. Now tap on the ‘National Service’ tab on the page and select the alternative ‘Change Case Status’.

3. Once you do that, you will almost certainly pick between the two alternatives. You should make the look for the status is one of the two different ways, either by case insightful or by deed astute.

Pick, whatever suits you the best. On the off chance that you pick the alternative ‘Deed Wise Search’, you will be taken to another window requesting that you enter the deed number and the time of the deed.

Type the right number and year to Know the Mutation Case Status of your Land.

4. If you have picked the case savvy look, you need to enter every one of the subtleties identified with the square, mouza, and locale.

Together with it, you should type for the situation number and afterward tap the ‘Submit’ catch. You will get the data on the off chance that it is accessible.

Insights regarding the land/property are vital to a purchaser or the proprietor of the land/property.

As an issue of safety measure, if an individual needs to buy any land/property, he should check for the essential subtleties. These subtleties could be as basic as – in whose name is the land enrolled or who is the present proprietor of the land.

Banglarbhumi entryway gives these subtleties along the guide of the land for the land/properties situated in West Bengal. It additionally gives help to the business people planning to set up new ventures in the state by telling them the foundation accessible at the proposed area.

A client can likewise recover the data in connection to his square by simply filling the locale and square subtleties.

Enrollment of Deed

A Property enrollment deed is the last understanding marked between two gatherings.

When the property is enrolled for the sake of the purchaser, the purchaser turns into the legitimate proprietor of the property. This assention is otherwise called the buy/arrive deed which should be enrolled with the legislature.

The strategy for enrolling a buy/arrive deed can be seen here. Further, the e-arrangement for enrolling this deed should be possible on a similar site.

E-installment for enlisting the deed is obligatory if the stamp obligation payable on the deed surpasses Rs.10,000/ – or enrollment charge payable is more than of Rs.5,000/ – or both

This enlistment method is coordinated with the Income Tax Department so PAN check of the gatherings required at the season of enrolling the deed is conceivable.

Online Mutation Application Process

Transformation is the procedure to change the title/proprietor of the property starting with one individual then onto the next when an exchange of property happens.

Be that as it may, the procedure of the transformation can be started just when a property is enlisted. The transformation shape is accessible on the banglarbhumi web-based interface. Here,

• The client is required to fill all the vital data effectively to keep away from dismissal of the application.

• Once the change shape with required subtleties is presented, an application reference number will be produced. This application number can be utilized by the client to check the status of the application.

• Post the enlistment, the client can pay the expense by means of the ‘Online Application Menu’ by tapping on the ‘Charges Payment’ alternative.

• The client will be required to fill the demand type, application number and continue to choose the ideal installment alternative.

• If the client pays the expenses by means of the ‘online mode’ (charge card/net keeping money) at that point the transformation case number will be enrolled quickly.

• If the client pays the expenses by choosing the ‘counter installment’ alternative (disconnected), at that point the client can check the status of his installment and enlistment through the ‘Application-GRN Search’ from the ‘Online Application’ choice.

Online ask for a confirmed duplicate of plot data/Record Of Right (ROR)/plot delineate

The general population of West Bengal can apply for the confirmed duplicates of plot Information/ROR/plot delineate after these basic advances:

• Log onto

• Under ‘Administration Delivery alternative’ in the menu bar select your prerequisite – ROR Request/Plot Info Request/Plot delineate/Request GRN seek/Application/Receipt Reprint.

• After choosing the required choice it will divert the client to another page where he/she will be required to top off the asked subtleties. Further, computerized count of expense is finished by tapping on ‘figure charge’.

• Here, the installment must be made through the online mode.

Property Information

A client can get the data about the property/arrive records by following these means:

• Log onto the landing page of Banglarbhumi site and select “Know Your Property” under the Citizen Service choice.

• Enter region, square, and mouza (town) subtleties

• Search for the required data either by utilizing the ‘khatian number’ or plot number.

• Once the proper number is submitted and are coordinated with the records, the client will get the required subtleties.

Step by step instructions to check West Bengal Land Classification in

The land characterization implies the valuation of the land. The administration is accessible at subject administrations. In the sub menu of land, the alternative of order will show.

On the off chance that you are searching for land order, start by choosing your locale and quickly one box will show.

At that point select the area starting from the drop menu. Select the locale with land characterization data you need to know.

This procedure will empower you realize your property arrive grouping code and land arrangement.

o Begin by signing in to the official site 2018.

o Click on the transformation case notoriety choice from the landing page.

o On the accessible subject administrations, a sub menu will show up on the landing page.

o On show tap on the land arrangement alternative and a drop down menu will be shown, select the name of your area of the land grouping you need to know.

o All the insights regarding the code and the land order will be shown on the screen.

The most effective method to fill Banglarbhumi Land Conversion Application in

The significance of land transformation is that the utilization of the land is being proposed to change or has been changed.

For e.g., if a land was being utilized for the private reason and now it is planned to be changed over into some business property, the individual needs to fill in the Land transformation application and submit it to the related government authorities.

The procedure of land change is a dreary procedure, as the vast majority of the occasions, numerous gatherings are included and it winds up hard to get the assent of just for the suitable method for land transformation.

Land change process in West Bengal is represented by West Bengal Land Reforms Act, 1955, under the area 4A, 4B, 4C and 4D.

On the off chance that you are in Bengal, you need to present this application to the Land and Land Reforms and the Refugee Relief and Rehabilitation Department.

You can present this application online likewise on

In any case, there is some essential. Keep the underneath examined endorsements and structures prepared before you begin to fill in the application.

1. Copy of the enlisted deed (for exchange).

2. Copy of MC (Mutation Certificate).

3. Copy of lease receipts till date.

4. Receipt of the handling charge paid ahead of time.

5. Copy of the guide of the land and that of the nearby land as well.

Filling method of the Land Conversion Application, you will be required to pursue beneath featured basic strides to achieve the procedure.

In the event that you have these things prepared with you, you can fill in the land transformation application on the web. I am talking about the procedure to do as such here.

Kindly adhere to every one of the guidelines cautiously and present the application.

o Open the site On the landing page of the site select the ‘Online Application‘ tab. When you tap on the tab, a rundown of a lot more hyperlinks will show up. Pick the ‘Change Application’ interface from that point.

o After tapping on ‘Change Application’, another page will show up. You should fill every one of the subtleties there. When you have filled the shape with all the required data, tap on the ‘Submit’ tab.

o If you have filled the data effectively, you will get the chance to see the application reference number in the following page, or else you will see the red checks in the sections which you have not filled appropriately.

o If you see the red checks in the application, go and right the data in those segments. In the event that you see the application reference number, note it down some place as it will be required to check the application status at whatever point you wish to.

The most effective method to fill Banglar Bhumi Mutation Application in

To empower you apply for the Banglarbhumi Mutation Application frame, you should pursue the initial five systems as same for the change application. At that point you pursue beneath strategy.

Change Application

Pursue the initial five stages as same with respect to the change to the under the sub menu of online application.

1. After that you will be diverted to the following page where you have the change application frame

2. Make beyond any doubt you fill in every one of the subtleties required in this page, for example, candidate name, email id, area, deed number, vault office and purchasers’ subtleties, for example, the name.

3. Upload your archives in a pdf document and after that tap the submit catch.

4. Then tap on transfer and you will get a reference number.

5. In case you have numerous archives, you will be required to check every one of the records in a single document then you transfer.

Strategy on expenses installment in 2019

In contrast to different destinations, where the expense is paid while filling in the shape. The charge on the banglar bhoomi entryway is paid in an alternate way.

There is a different tab of ‘Expense Payment’ which assist individuals with paying the diverse kinds of charge effectively.

The procedure of expense installment on isn’t confused. Give us a chance to begin specifically with the procedure of installment.

1. To pay the expense, open the On the landing page, you will probably observe different tabs like Service Delivery, Online Application, Citizen Service and so on.

From them, pick the Online Application tab. When you pick that, you will most likely observe the hyperlink saying ‘Expense Payment’. Tap on that.

2. A new shape will show up. It will request from you some specific data in connection to the installment to be made. In the primary choice, it will ask you the demand type.

You need to pick the sort starting from the drop list.

The alternatives include: (a)Conversion (b)Mutation (c)Certified Copy (d)Plot Information and (e)Plot Map. Pick the alternative for which you have to make the installment.

3. After that type in the Application No. what’s more, the captcha code is given accurately. After that tap on the ‘Following’ tab.

In the event that the application no. is right, you will probably observe the insights regarding the application expense just as the handling charge.

4. After that, you will be taken to a safe installment door. Here, you will require to pick the method of installment like Net Banking, Debit Card, Credit Card or whatever.

5. Once you have picked the method of installment reasonable for you, you will be coordinated towards the bank entrance.

6. There you will require fill in the ideal data and make the installment. Keep your versatile helpful, as the installment once in a while require an OTP to be filled, which is sent to your portable.

7. On the effective installment, you will get the notice of the equivalent on your portable and email. When you get it, unwind. Installment for the administration required is done at this point.

About Application GRN Search in

Here is the well ordered guide on the best way to make Banglarbhumi Application GRN look in 2019 site;

o Log on into the Banglarbhumi site at 2018

o On the landing page, you will see a menu on the best a large portion of that page.

o A four menu choice will show up, and it contains; online application, benefit conveyance, national administration and help.

o Move your mouse pointer to the online application from the accessible alternatives.

o Five alternatives will show up on the screen as pursues; change application, transformation application, charges installment, application GRN look and the application/receipt republish.

o Under the online application sub-menu, tap on the Application GRN look.

o You will be diverted to another page where you will fill in the GRN number, application number and enter the Captcha code.

o Finally, tap on ‘submit’ alternative and every one of the insights concerning your hunt will show up on the screen.

Method on How to Reprint Application/Receipt in

The method is as yet the equivalent, start by visiting the site. Tap on application/receipt reproduce. This is found under the sub menu of the online application.

Another page will be shown fill the application shape in like manner and the captcha message as appeared. Snap straightaway and the application you willed reflect in the new window.

Spare the application in the pdf document and tap on print to print your receipt.

Complete data on Services Delivery Tab in

In the Home page of the site, you will probably apply to get the ensured replicated of the plot guide or ROR or plot data.

There is a committed tab on the landing page for it, with the name ‘Administration Delivery’.

This tab on the Home page of the site of the Land and Land Reforms and Refugee Relief and Rehabilitation Department, helps the general population, all in all, to get the affirmed duplicate of the ROR or Plot delineate applying on the web.

When you tap on the Service Delivery tab on the landing page of the 2018, you will probably observe a drop-down rundown with 5 hyperlinks: ROR ask for, Plot Info. Demand, Plot Map ask for, Request GRN Search and Application/Receipt Reprint.

The name in itself clears, the reason it serves. Be that as it may, for your simplicity, I am here clarifying the utilization of these alternatives:

(a) ROR Request: This connection figures the demand charge for getting an entrance to the ROR.

(b) Plot Info. Demand: This connection causes you to compute the all out charge for getting the plot data.

(c) Plot Map Request: This connection encourages you to compute the guide ask for charge.

(d) Request GRN Search: This connection looks through the GRN.

(e) Application/Receipt Reprint: This connection reprints the receipt or application made.


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