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Environmental Component Environmental Component: All of us know that the sun is the intimate source of energy for all activities in our biosphere. The electromagnetic from the sun supply energy which warms up the earth and the atmosphere to provide a favorable global temperature for the living organisms. Light In addition, light plays a variety of … Read more Environmental Component

Ecosystem : Types of Ecosystem & Components

type of ecosystem

Ecosystem : Types of Ecosystem & Components Types of Ecosystem: Here we are discussing about the definition of Ecosystem and its components as well as the various type of ecosystem.  What is Ecosystem? Definition:  Plants, animals human beings live in association with a wide variety of other plants and animals. These communities of organisms are … Read more Ecosystem : Types of Ecosystem & Components

Components of Environment : Population

components of environment

Components of Environment Components of Environments: All organisms are intimately dependent on the environment from which they derive their sustenance. Organisms from virus to man are obligatorily dependent on the environment for food, energy, oxygen, shelter and for other needs.  The environment is defined as ‘the sum total of living, non-living components; influences and events, … Read more Components of Environment : Population